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Spotlight on Protege Kristie Van Pay, Prosperity Bookkeeping LLC

Protégé Prosperity Bookkeeping LLC

Kristie's philosophy of life:
You can control your choices but you can’t control the consequences of those choices. Choose wisely.

Prosperity Bookkeeping

Kristie's Quest

I was five years into my business at the start of my GBP MPP protégé experience.  The first five years were really spent establishing who my clientele was, what services were the best match for what my clients needed and what I was willing/able to provide and best practices for taking a prospect through the sales process all the way to onboarding, including properly pricing my services.

Seeking Transformation

I felt I was now in a position for the next phase of growth – moving out of the role of technician and into the role of business owner. I discovered that in order to do that effectively and efficiently, I had to take everything I had learned and established in my first five years out of my head and put it onto paper in the form of standard operating procedures (SOP) and then hire people to carry out those procedures. 

Mentor Expertise

Even though my mentor Tony Hoslet’s expertise was in an area other than process development, he proved an excellent mentor in keeping me focused on the goals. I had set those goals at the beginning of the GBP MPP and my mentor talked me through some of the challenges I was facing, often giving me a different perspective to consider. 

Although I had set a specific revenue target and fell short of that, the experience did allow me to realize a 140% increase in my profit (which is the number that really matters anyhow). Documenting our procedures allowed us to rethink some of our processes and make them more efficient, we parted ways with some clients that weren’t really profitable for us and, by hiring additional help, we were able to experience economies of scale (while they were producing, I could be perfecting and selling).

Reflections on the GBP MPP

This is a great program if you are the type of person that sets goals at the beginning of the year and by the end of January, those goals are buried under 25 lbs. of paperwork and long forgotten about. The program's monthly meetings keep the goals right on top in your mind. I would have liked to see a more structured approach to the monthly meetings; but, that is just my personality – I like things laid out in checklists.

Prosperity's Big Vision

As stated in my Big Vision presentation to my staff for 2019, to generate enough profit to support the following:
  1. I’m not looking for publicity or rewards; but, if we are doing our jobs right, we will draw attention.  
  2. There will be no flaunting our success, we will always be humble and grateful and generous.  
We will:
  • be a big supporter of mental health research and facilities 
  • provide scholarships to the underprivileged in society who dream of being an entrepreneur
  • provide scholarships to startups for training/education where their business finances are concerned

Thanks to Prosperity Bookkeeping and Sandler Training

Many thanks to mentor Tony Hoslet (Hoslet Consulting Inc. dba Sandler Training) for his expert guidance and to Protégé Kristie Van Pay (Prosperity Bookkeeping) for the Spotlight on her GBP MPP experience!

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